Chris Oakley

Born in Chester, England in 1971, Chris Oakley lives and works in Oxford, U.K. In 2003, he returned to full-time practice as a digital artist after a period spent in the Information Technology industry developing networked video applications. He received an MA in Time-Based Media and Electronic Imaging from the Kent Institute of Art and Design in 1994. Exhibiting works throughout Europe and worldwide, his work is concerned with communication technologies and the media landscape, and how these phenomena influence our behaviours, interactions, and our relationship with our bodies themselves. Recent short works have been driven by the desire to create referential works without the use of a lens, often using ?found? still and moving images. He is currently working on an extended video project Traffic, exploring the impact communication technology has had upon our intimate lives and our sense of community, and the process by which the media serve to create fictions from the real.