Monica Duncan

Monica Duncan, an interdisciplinary print, video, performance artist and educator was born and raised in Webster, New York. She received her BFA from Alfred University. She has exhibited her work in Germany, Sweden, Finland and the US. In collaboration with Annie Langan, Monica co-founded a Print/Video Residency program in Louisville, Kentucky. Lara Odell was born in Long Beach, CA and presently lives in Alfred, NY. She is a video maker, image maker, and digital artist. Odell's work combines video, drawing and performance. Her individual and collaborative projects explore the failure of identity, so performance anxiety, the double and camouflage are recurrent themes. Odell's work has been shown in Russia, China and Cuba, as well as London, New York, and Los Angeles. She has art degrees from Alfred University, SUNY Buffalo and University of California, Irvine. She lives in Orange, CA, where she edits an advice column, Ask Gertrude, with her proofreader-husband Logan.