Tobias Tovera

Tobias Tovera is a contemporary photographer, video, and multi-media artist based in San Francisco. Tobias received his BFA from the largest accredited art school on the west coast, California College of the Arts, and since then has received recognition for his innovative use of materials and conceptual processes. At present, Tobias creates work that addresses the self, sexuality, and the psyche by delving into the highly charged terrain of the body, light, and space. He captures converging walls and the human body, constantly creating compositions that conjure layered textures of form and space. While he may begin with an idea or concept, his photo-assemblages and videos also form a natural rhythm of their own. This method serves to create work that is constantly evolving. As an artist, Tobias confronts our expectations of visual media to offer a new image and interpretation of the world. He states, "As we oscillate and devour the world in our struggle to live, may we find ourselves seduced by inner beauty." Tobias has had six solo and three group exhibitions at various galleries in California.