Trevor Fife

Trevor Fife's films explore the space that straddles documentary and fictional spheres with an emphasis on the poetry of image and sound. Whether it be the use of diaristic snap shots or found media, a personal story might lurk somewhere, but ultimately an overriding interest in creating binding textures, rhythms, and thematic impressions reign superior. His award winning film Meridian Days screened at several festivals including Sundance, Ann Arbor, and PDX Documentary and Experimental Film Festival. Filmography: I Saw The Sound That Held You Tightly, 2004 Meridian Days, 12:00, 16mm, 2003 Bits/Pieces, 0:30, Super 8 Loop, 2002 Incognitive Development, 6:00, 16mm/DV, 2001 Transmissions, Hi-8, 6:00, 2000 Steaming Weenies, 16mm, 1999