Virginia Valdes

The work of Virginia Valdes deals with illusions, the denial of lived experiences, and the rift man creates with his natural environment. She employs different types of media and techniques in conjunction, including installation, video, sculpture, graphic design and photography. Valdes has been exhibited in the US and Europe at venues such as P.S.1/MOMA, Lincoln Center, Stuttgart FilmWinter Festival, The Black Maria Film Festival, FotoFest, PBS Reel NY8, etc. etc. She is the recent recipient of a Lef Foundation grant which aided her in creating her installation Wasteland for Bates Museum. Besides making videos and running a small design studio, Ms. Valdes teaches advanced media studies and Graphic Design. Virginia lives in Maine with her long time collaborator and husband, musician Laurent Brondel. They can be seen on rare occassions frollicking through the woods.